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It was the love of animals that started this business, and a reputation for quality work and reliability that has made it successful for over 25 years now!

What We Do:

We do a little bit of everything here at Sharon's Pet Grooming whether you need in home pet sitting, unique pet supplies & gifts, doggie day care, or expert dog & cat grooming.

The whole front of the pet grooming shop is where you can find all sorts of unique pet supplies and gifts. In the back of the store is where the dog & cat grooming happens. We also have doggie day care. You can either drop your dog off at the shop or we will come to you.

Side note about Sharon: Sharon is a licensed vet tech and her shop is fully insured.

Pet Grooming:

Every dog and cat, regardless of size, breed, age or coat type, needs to be groomed on a regular basis. We do ask for you to set up an appointment with us, and tell us a little bit about your pet. PLEASE if you know your pet bites, we need to know before you drop him or her off.

Just to list some of our services:

Pet Store:

We have all the pet supplies you need for your pet, along with various everyday and many unique gifts. Stop in to see the unique store.

You can find in the store:

Pet Sitting/Day Care:

I felt that there was a need for quality pet care in home with a personal touch. Regular kennels disrupt a dog's system, sometimes physically and emotionally. There are too many dogs and cats with no personal time. Not to worry, Sharon's Pet Sitting provides doggie day care where you can drop off your pet for the day to play with other dogs that come to day care, or we also provide in home pet sitting. We can stay all night or stop by several times a day.

Pet sitting includes:

"Josh and Tucker" by Sharon Scheer

Written by the site's author, a story about a boy named Josh and his dog Tucker, who were best of friends.

Click here for a download (pdf)

Contact Info:

Sharon's Pet Grooming work 845.783.6265